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spoke to members of the and crack inquiry last week, saying that tony blair and gordon brown misled the panel. she gave testimony of private conversations of tony blair over her concerns of entering war. this is 2.5 hours. >> we will be hearing from clare short, who was secretary of state for international development from 1997-2003, when you resigned over the iraq question. i think everyone in the room will be aware that clare short has written and spoken extensively on her views on iraq, and today is an opportunity to hear those views within the process of this inquiry and an opportunity for clare short to respond to the many comments made by others about dfid and, at times, by herself. we authority heard twice from served suma chakrabarti, and this afternoon we will be hearing from hilary benn, who was secretary of state for international development from 2003-2007. i see two things at the beginning of a recession -- the first, that we recognize that witnesses are giving evidence based in part on their recollection of events and we cross-check what we hear against the papers. i r
told members of the panel she believed prime minister tony blair and attorney-general lord goldsmith that led the cabinet over the war's legality. we will hear the testimony of her private conversation that took place eight weeks before the start of the iraq war. this session runs a two and a half hours. >> good morning. welcome to everyone and our witness. the objectives of this session will be hailing from the secretary of international development until may of 2003. i think everyone will be aware we have written extensively of our views on iraq and today is an opportunity to hear those views. and we will have clare respond to the timescale. we already heard twice from the party from 2002 and this afternoon we will be hearing from the secretary of state for international development in 2003. i say two things at the beginning of every session. we recognize that giving evidence based in part on their recollection of events and we cross check the cases. i reminded every witness they signed a transcript of their evidence to the effect that their evidence is truthful and accurate. with
of lively conversations now at lunch. the president is now outside blair house. let's listen. >> the argument that republicans are making really isn't that this is a government takeover of health care but rather that we're insuring the -- or we're regulating the insurance market too much. and that's a legitimate philosophical disagreement. hopefully, we'll be able to explore it a little more in the afternoo afternoon. >> from blair house back into west executive drive, heading back into the white house for lunch. obviously, to decide who got the best advantage so far. joining me here on andrea mitchell reports is patrick j. buchanan, msnbc political analyst and michael feldman, democratic analyst, part of the clinton/gore team back when, the last time health care was attempted by a president in this arena. let's talk about who had the best advantage so far today. we saw an extraordinary confrontation, really, political, sharp exchange between john mccain and barack obama. >> no question, andrea, that the president, as the day has gone on, has been getting increasi increasingl
the fox news studios in new york city. tonight, part ii of my exclusive interview with tony blair. this is his first following his grueling appearance before the commission. and the former british prime minister talks about dealing with a possible nuclear threat from iran. importance of faith and his ability to lead, and he talks about why he likes america so very much. also, a few weeks ago, gail haggard told us why she stayed with her husband, former evangelical leader ted after he strayed with a male prostitutes and bought illegal drugs. gail and her husband ted will be joining us tonight. we will be talking to them about the rest of the story. and "american idol" sensation catherine mcphee is here to perform her latest hit. plus, an amazing story of twin brothers who will simultaneously work on the same piece of canvas and create a masterpiece. when they finish, you are going to have an opportunity to own this incredible piece of art. that's our show for tonight. [ applause ] >> mike: amber is the obama girl. now, she was made famous from self-styled sensation video that depic
blair. she eventually resigned in may 2003. today she came to the iraq inquiry to describe how she believed the prime minister who was two presidential has been misused his authority. she had barely sat down when the indictment began. >> the cabinet does not work in the way that it is supposed to work. >> instead of open discussion and limited meetings, it was the sofa government of repute, where the cabinet just chatted and contrary views were discouraged. >> if you ever raised an issue to the cabinet, tony blair would cut your hand off. >> and the advice given to the cabinet by attorney-general lord goldsmith that the invasion of iraq would be lawful -- >> i think he misled the cabinet. he misled me. >> the dead? >> the attorney general. we know about his doubts, the foreign office legal advisers, what they were saying, and he had got his private side deal that tony blair said was a material breach when blix was saying he needed more time. for the attorney general to say there was an unequivocal legal authority to go to war was misleading. >> and she challenged the accounts given
of the blair house. will we see kabuki theater or kumbaya? we'll tell you what to watch for at the summit. >> and what happened during the terrible accident at seaworld? it's february 25, 2010, summit day. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck "summit fever" todd. we have less than an hour before what the white house hopes is the last summit on this issue. we have a preview this morning. how many members, what time does it start? who's speaking? is there anything unscripted? >> you put your finger on it, chuck. summit fever. cameras, traffic shut down. we haven't seen this since mikhail gorbachev was here. 39 members of congress, republicans and democrats, the vice president, a couple cabinet secretaries, all settled around a table, a presum is mitt breakthrough. they agreed on the size of the table. it will be hollow in the middle. president obama will be on one side and they will break it into four areas -- controlling costs. the president will make an op opening statement, a republican rebuttal or response. insurance reforms, introduced by secretary is sebelius. the vice president will ki
to gordon brown. , what response did you get? >> i think tony blair convened a meeting, and gordon brown was there -- what response did you get? >> i think tony blair convened a meeting, and gordon brown was there. . there was lots of delay. the treasury set of some kind of working group and came with no money. no money -- money is tight, and we have to have resolution so we can get everyone in. that was the treasury response, and we only got extra money until it started. how you can find an exemplary role when it is not late is impossible. there is one other thing on this. at some play, my officials suggested we sent a couple with our military to the south, and i said we should go on the scoping mission, but we should not put people in because we did not have the money, and if we put people in like we were going to bring lots of money, that would be greedy, so we sent a scoping mission. we had no answer. it is part of the dysfunctional nature of the government. >> as far as you are aware, you send off this letter. you are not aware of response. >> the response we got in the end was afte
into the iraq war, which has raked tony blair over the coals is seeking conversations with bush administration figures. >>> the light bulb goes on over the heads of the near right. tom tancredo's response to testing for voters. >> it is inniate racism. >> yes, it is, thank you, megan mccain. >>> the insurance company will not pay for his life saving drugs because look at what they cost. >>> one book, one movie, and one joint super bowl commercial later, the war is over? >> i walk in, i see dave, whatever happened for the last 18 years disappeared. >> i just want to take a second here to thank the actors who played oprah and jay leno. >> all the news and commentary now on countdown. >> we lost touch. he found me on facebook. >>> good evening from new york. when even the woman asking the questions for fox news tells minority whip eric kantor that his letter to the white house is not in the tone of bipartisanship you know that the republican party seems to have seriously miscalculated in its attempt to deny the president bipartisanship and to protect our insurance companies from the dire threat o
that the legislative process. finally, direct your blair, i was encouraged as was the chair to see that in your written opening statement in the first two and half pages discussing cyber threats, recent cyber attacks under google -underscore the sound cyber policies and initiatives and we know that the intelligence community recognizes this threat and of highest importance and goes well beyond what we are discussing publicly. yet to my chagrin the administration solution has been a solution i am afraid as a figurehead a cyber czar when it less of a half-dozen staff in a few years i believe we could lament the fact that more was not done to confront the challenge when we had the chance. as senator feinstein and the chair said, senator's white house and senator mikulski embraced a white committee should have much to say on this cyber copy. i believe on the committee agreed that it's very real, very serious and the administration needs to treat it as such. in conclusion, the greatest danger comes from the unknown. the threat not yet on the radar. or the threats are unlikely to be repeat performances, so w
tough questions about a stark warning that he gave senators yesterday. director dennis blair believes al-qaeda could try to strike again in the next three to six months. joel brown has more now from captiol hill. >> house lawmakers are grilling the director of national intelligence about a stark warning he gave to a senate panel. >> what's the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s. homeland in the next three to six months, high or low? director blair? >> an attempted attack the priority is certain i would say. >> intelligence officials believe al-qaeda is deploying agents inside of the united states, ready to launch new attacks from within our borders. the cia director leon panetta warned in a hearing he has new concerns about the extremist network. >> al-qaeda is adapting their methods in ways that often times make it difficult to detect. >> reporter: the cia director went on to tell lawmakers that he doesn't believe there's another nine eleven style attack in the works. he thinks now the terrorist group is trying to carry out smaller attacks that require little tr
for team usa. >> in case you missed it apolo ohno picked up the bronze medal. bonnie blair is the winningest winning olympian. there he is, apolo ohno making history in vancouver. meanwhile tonight the world is remembering soldier alexander haig. he died at johns hopkins in baltimore. haig was secretary of state under president reagan. he was chief of staff of the nixon white house during waregate. a four-star general. advised president ford. president obama called haig "a great american who had a remarkable and decorated career. alexander haig was 85 years old. >>> fairfax county police are investigating a disturbing report of an abduction. a woman told police she was kidnapped in oregon and brought to fairfax where two women held her against her will in a hotel room in a fair lakes area. she was released in false church. police are on the lookout for a dark bmw believed to be involved. >>> the once loud and fiercely partisan debate over reforming health care has quieted over recent weeks. that is about to change. the white house is planning a summit wh congressional democ
, but politically dangerous. what many were so hopeful about -- progress in the blair house project -- republicans say turned into another blair witch project. >> they are going to ram it down our throat. >> is it true, even possible? the white house is indicating that the president wants a deal done by mid-march and will make an announcement next week on how to narrow the gap. >> i did this is a fairly dynamic process that will happen over the next several days. >> the senate could use reconciliation which means they only need a simple majority of the 51 votes to pass a bill, not the 60 necessary to defeat of public and -- and to defeat a republican filibuster. >> it is called a simple majority. that is what we are asking the senate to -- is up to them. >> republicans have used reconciliation in the past. they say they have not for andthing this massive they claim there is still time to work out an agreement. >> i hope we will. there are areas we can agree on. googled to that if you -- to go to the 51 votes will have a dangerous defect. >> there are complications. some members of congress are ver
to end. more on the health care reform debate. >> the blair house, what once served as the second home for the president, may serve as a second chance for what some thought was a dead health care plan. >> i look forward to a good exchange of ideas with legislative leaders. i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this challenge, not to score political points. >> this six hour long summit will be broadcast on tv. that will add more pressure on members of congress to come to some agreement or risk looking partisan. >> i think the american people will see if they are in office to help people or for their own political gains. >> they will get the job done. i have confidence they will do the right thing. >> about three dozen lawmakers will come to the blair house and set around a square table. the president will lead the discussions. the question is whether all of this is just political theater. >> the american people simply do not want the obama plan. >> let's cut it out. if we do not like each other's bills, let's debate against the bills. let's stop disparaging their motives.
blair put the directors of the fbi, cia, and defense intelligence agency. dianne feinstein chairs the intelligence committee. >> the hearing will come to order. the committee meet today in open session to receive a coordinated and analytic assessment of the intelligence community of the threats facing the united states. we welcome our witnesses. at the mountainous blair, the director of national intelligence, who will provide a summary on the written statement he has submitted on behalf of the intelligence community. the director of the central intelligence agency, leon panetta. bob miller. the director of the defense intelligence agency, lieutenant- general rahm purchase and the acting assistant secretary of state. this hearing present an annual opportunity to focus on the threats our nation faces and provides a rare form for the public to receive strategic intelligence analysis. i think that right now the top threat on everyone's mind is the kind of terrorism threat. especially against our own homeland. the committee has held hearings in the past two weeks. -- to review the chri
not at blair house, he's gone back to the white house for lunch. >> it's interesting he could stop there. it's his choice. he can answer questions. wolf, you've seen presidents can stop or they can keep on going. he wants to be part of this running commentary throughout the day. it's happening on the political blogs. it's happening with us and all over the social networks and he's trying to take the edge off right there. the republicans want to call it a government takeover, they seem on be admitting in that room, it's not a takeover, it seems to be a disagreement of how much regulation. he's trying to sand the edges of the sharpen the republican argume argument, he's not resisting the opportunity to get in one more presentation. >> and as we've been saying, the body language that he's showing is one of frustration and irritation. >> he has seemed at times irritated, but he's, you know -- he's given everybody, each side, a chance and everybody's getting their points across. if you want to know why the two sides are unable to come to an agreement, you will learn that today. we have learned th
that england's formal inquiry into the iraq war, which has already raked tony blair over the coals, is now seeking conversations with bush administration figures. >>> the light bulb goes on over the heads of the near right. tom tancredo's tea party reference to literacy voting tests and people not speaking english. >> it is innate racism. i think it's why young people are turned off by this movement. >> yes, it is, thank you, megan mccain. >>> comments, more from the reservations. and the insurance company will not pay for his life-saving drugs because, wow, geez, look at what they cost? >>> one book, one movie, and one joint super bowl commercial later, the war is over? >> i walk in, i see dave, he puts his hands out. i shake hands. whatever happened for the last 18 years disappeared. >> i just want to take a second here now to thank the actors who played oprah and also jay leno. >> all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> we lost touch. he found me on facebook. >>> good evening from new york. when even the woman asking the questions for fox news tells minority whip eric kantor
yesterday at the health care summit. president led the bipartisan meeting at the blair house. take a listen to this he can change between the president and republican senator lamar alexander. >> premiums will go up and they will also go up because of the government mandate. >> that is not factually accurate. costs for families for the same type of coverage as they're currently receing would go down 14 to 20%. >> i believe with respect you're wrong. >> republicans want to start the debate over rejecting the democrats' proposals. president obama says there is no time for another year of debate. >>> as we check other top stories, in arlington, police are vehicling an accident involving several police officers. this happened earlier this morning around 2:00 a.m. along north glebe road at 17th street. the officers were parked near a blown transformer when the cruiser was hit by a car. at least two officers were taken to the hospital with what are being called minor njuries. >>> a maryland community coming together after an tax on tuesday night near the intersection of carroll avenue and piney br
prime ministers questions. >> up next, former prime minister tony blair answers questions in the british inquiry on the iraq war. later, "q &a" and then your comments and questions on washington journal. >> white house budget director budgetorszag steffes is the 2011 budget proposal. that is live tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> last week, the british iraq war inquiry commission heard from former prime minister tony blair. the committee is looking at the circumstances. >> today, the iraq inquiry will be hearing from the right hon. tony blair. as in all of our hearings, the right to be heard by all must be respected. this would be overseen and they will be expected to observe this. we will begin evidence entombed -- in two sessions. this will help to ensure that all those that will be coming for the afternoon session are able to take their places before we start proceedings. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i would like to start by welcoming our witness and others that joined us at the conference center as well as all of those who are watching this session either on televi
. that other picture of the white van is outside blair house right across the walkway from the white house where the health care summit is going on. >> when is that on? >> all day it's going to be on. >> oh. >> it's going on all day. >> what channel? >> i -- we are taking parts of it. i don't know how much. we will take ben bernanke in full. >> okay. >> and then we'll look at the blair house. >> bernanke and health care both have a big impact on your life and your money. we have it all covered for you. don't go away. >>> president obama hosting an unprecedented meeting on health care at the top of the hour. and right now, john, you can see the other thing that's going on which, of course, is ben bernanke in front of the senate banking committee giving his testimony, i believe, right now, which we should emphasize is the same testimony which he gave yesterday. >> looks to me like he's answering questions. >> i think he just started -- dodd probably put the hearing in session right? when he starts taking questions, though, we will go obviously and take them live cover to cover. john harwood
leadership and key members will gather in a room at 1551 pennsylvania avenue, better known as blair house, and will focus on the policies and politics all morning. you can watch the proceedings live as they happen without commentary on c-span3, and on our website at you can also listen to it live on c-span radio here in washington and nationwide on xm channel 132. the president putting forth his ideas on monday. the republicans putting forth their counter offer. what needs to be reformed? who has the best ideas? what does it mean for your health care plan and for those without insurance, what impact does it have for you? this is the room where they will be meeting. this was taped earlier. it is called the garden room, it was added during the reagan administration through funding from annenberg family and nancy reagan. the president will be seated directly behind the fireplace, as you can see. there will be a rectangular table. here is a look at some of the headlines from the washington publications beginning with politico. "the hill" newspaper -- "roll-call" -- and "usa today"
. a member of the cabinet has accused tony blair deception. clare short gave evidence in the iraq inquiry. she said that post-war planning was done on a wing and a pair. >> to go along carefully and not have a destabilizing and angry iraq, into which came al-qaeda that was not there before, that would have been safer for the world and tony blair's account of the need to act because of 9/11, i do not think that's that's up to scrutiny whatsoever. we have made iraq more dangerous. >> clare short there. china has launched a 10-day emergency crackdown on tainted milk products across four provinces. hundreds of thousands of children were left on while and several died after a toxic chemical was leaked into milk products. we have this. >> as concern grows over another possible tainted milk threat. it is less than two years since the melamine scandal, in which a dangerous chemical found its way into the food chain. it is normally used in making plastics. now officials have launched a 10-day emergency crackdown. for shoppers and in beijing today, concerned about the milk but a drink, there was on
inteligencia nacional, dennis blair... en un informe anual sobre las amenazas a estados unidos, que blair presento frente a la comision de inteligencia del senado, dedico un amplio capitulo a latinoamderica, donde destaco que en la mayoria de los estados, los graves problemas economicos han ejercido mas presion sobre las instituciones democrdaticas... un nuevo esfuerzo en la legisla busca prohibir a los conductore sque puedan leer y enviar mensajes de textos mientras conducen.. la medida sera considerada durante una audiencia manana por la tarde... esta busca que quienes infrinjan la ley sean multados hasta 500 dolares por infraccion... la medida completaria las actuales leyes que prohiben escribir o enviar mensajes de texto pero no prohibe leerlos... funcionarios que llevaba a 20- trabajadores golpeo un vagon de los trenes sobre las heladas vias, causando un desplome en efecto domino que dano a por lo menos cuatro vagones el accidente ocurrio el sabado en la noche, en la linea roja, entre las estaciones de grosvenor- strathomre y medical center metro informo que no hubo lesionados..
blair? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain i would say. >> mr. panetta? >> i would agree with that. >> reporter: the ranking republicans said the decision to send the alleged bomber on flight 253 to criminal court where he got a lawyer and stopped providing information, was catastrophic. >> enemy combatants must be questioned to the fullest by the intelligence community befo before, if they are mirandized before they're mirandized and given attorneys. >> reporter: in the most detailed public account, the f.b.i. director explained how the decision was made. >> it was made with the head of our counterterrorism division along with attorneys from the department of justice. >> moore said reading a suspect his or her rights did not always limit intelligence gathering. >> mr. abdulmutallab has provided valuable information. is that correct? >> yes. >> thank you. and that the interrogation continues despite the fact he's been mirandized? >> yes. >> reporter: having initially told congress this month he was not consulted about the abdulmutallab decision, the director of national i
care summit will take place at the blair house. the meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and last roughly until 4 p.m.. the blair house sits across the street from the white house. this is pennsylvania avenue. the blair house is the official guest house of the president. houses heads of state and vip's when they are in town. the purpose of this meeting to air an open bipartisan discussion of care reform to get democrats and republicans to coll together on legislation they can all support and pass. it is sizing up to be as much political theater if you look at criticism directed at it and the amount of detail in planning for this televised meeting. we asked to speak with someone in the white house directly involved with the planning. they declined. here's what we know. the president, vice president and secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius will lead the discussion around four themes: controlling cost. insurance reform. reducing deficit. expanding coverage. in attendance will be the leadership for both parties. you will see house -- speaker of the house nancy pelosi. sena
in and want. >> all of this leaves the blair house health care talks scheduled for later this month up in the air. >> we need to know where we're going to start from. >> not from scratch, the president said. but he did open the door to swapping some democratic health care proposals for republican ones. >> i'm willing to move off some of the preferences of my party in order to meet them halfway. >> on jobs, mr. obama said he's also willing to compromise if only to sweeten the capitol's bitter partisan atmosphere. >> that first package built some trust and confidence that democrats and republicans on capitol hill can work together. then we move on to the next aspect of the package, and so forth. >> for their part, republicans sounded luke warm. >> we hope it's not just another stimulus bill. we hope it is truly a job generator. >> in case anyone was curious what this press conference was all about today, the white house on its social networking site, twitter feed put up the following. obama takes questions on what bipartsanship really means. there you have it, a civics lesson and politic
the united statstates. >> reporter: blair is referring to the politic of the alleged christmas day bomber and the administration handling of him in criminal court, suspect who nearly killed 300 americans on flight 253. the senior republican on house intelligence complained that the white house found time to bring it on the interrogation but not on the committee members. >> i find it an interesting strategy that we hastily call a briefing to let america, the friends and enemies in the middle east now he's now singing like a ca makcanarcanar. >> reporter: white house officials tuesday night quickly called reporters to a briefing telling them on january 1, the f.b.i. agents went to nigeria where they met with the suspect's family. the family then came to the u.s. where it helped facilitate his new round of questioning. blair was pushed to explain whether the sensitive information released by the white house was run by him first. >> is that the type of information that should be made public? >> i'm not going to comment on internal processes for this investigation right now. >> reporter: a whi
threat interest terrorists. dennis blair is back on capitol hill today and addressed the house intelligence on threat from al qaeda, to cyberattacks and nuclear weapons in the wrong hand. blair chided lawmakers for putting politics ahead of protecting americans. >> the political dimension of what to me ought to be a national security issue has been quite high. i don't think it's been particularly good i will tell you from the inside and in terms of us trying to get the right job done to protect the united states and we're just trying to bring intelligence and law enforcement to bear to get the right information and make sure that those who threaten our country get behind bars. >> shepard: just yesterday he testified we could see an attempted terror attack in the you state in the next three to six months. three to six months, where does that come from? what makes them say that? >> well when you see people like dennis blair testifying, what you have to bear in mind is he has access to classified information but it informs he's trying to illustrate for the panel members. one of th
-to-swallow petites. citracal. this is a fox news urgent. the director of the national intelligence, dennis blair, as al qaeda will continue to attack the united states until osama bin laden and his number two, zardari are dead. blair and the c.i.a. direct are among the top officials talked to congress about the main threats facing the u.s., the annual threat assessment. coming weeks after the failed attack to bring down an airliner in detroit over christmas day. mr. blair is also saying the u.s. does not know the intended targets of suspected terrorists who planned to attack new york city with bombs. the u.s. intel continues to believe the fort hood shooter is a homegrown. >> treasury secretary timothy geithner testifying in front of the senate finance committee about the white house budget for 2011. today geithner said while the u.s. economy is better than it was this time last year, he still had a somewhat ominous warning. >> if we do not succeed in repairing the damage caused by the crisis and don't succeed in getting growth on track, a growing economy, we will not especially our long term de
the street from the white house to the blair house and hosts 38 members of congress, 20 republicans, 18 democrats. we're hearing the president wants to hit four main themes: controlling cost, overhauling insurance, reducing the decifit, and expanding coverage. that is what is on tape. -- on paper. who knows how this might go today. it is live television in a charged environment and that's where we start, i'm bill hemmer, good morning, welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: good morning, everybody r everybody at home, i'm martha maccallum. already though this, is the headline this morning, there are indications that the white house may be -- that president obama already has a plan b, so to speak, a slimmer version in the works. bill: we'll see if we see some of that today. leading our coverage, chief political correspondent carl cameron is on capitol hill but first to major garrett, chief white house correspondent. is there already a plan b? >> you said on the intro, this could determine the fate of health care, quite probably for one day and one day only. to call this fluid is an und
to a good exchange of ideas at the blair house with some legislative leaders. and i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this challenge, not just score political points. >>> the next fight, the senate majority leader walks out of the meeting with boeing-sized big businesses after they claim they are the ones who create the jobs at the small businesses. >>> newt gingrich defines socialism as big government, government is smart, you're stupid, government should decide everything. so a government that decides everything and lies to you because you're too stupid to let it go to war in iraq, that's socialist? newt gingrich just called george bush a socialist? >>> the newest political science from a beauty queen. a contestant seeking to succeed carrie prejean says some of her friends are gay, but "the bible is pretty black and white. they're supposed to be put to death." >>> and on the eve of the health care reform summit, a special comment. a message to all those who enter tomorrow, from my father. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. h
. >> it is good, isn't it? polanski at his best, i think. >> you don't play tony blair per se, but somebody who is awfully tony blair-like. >> when i got offered the job, i met with mr. polanski and the first question out of my mouth is am i playing tony blair. and he said, no, no, you're not playing tony blair. however, all roads seem to lead to one man in the book, in the screen play, and tony blair was the man i hung my hat on. >> you you are under siege in this movie. your character is under siege from all corners. your wife is angry with you, the public is angry with you, the courts and the press. where do you you go to find the way to play this the right way? >> well, i did look at tony blair, i looked at footage of him as prime minister. and then i began to try to find a man that could i be as the prime minister. and i came to it really through the wife's character played by olivia williams. she's kind of like a lady mcbeth type figure that permeates her way through the piece. so then i began to think of tragedy, shakespearean tragedies. no specific characters, but treated it with that k
blair house across pennsylvania avenue, back to the white house. he did make some concessions to these republicans today. especially on medical malpractice. i -- he was open on interstate purchase of health insurance. he tried to go a little bit but does make it clear, dan, when it comes to the most contentious issue, how to get 30 million additional americans on some sort of insurance, they are very, very far apart. >> they are very far apart. the president making it very clear that it is possible that they will not be able to, you know, close that gap. i think what the takeaway for me was that the general tone going into this summit really has not changed. going in, the president said in a he had this plan and he believes it is the way -- best way going forward to get health care reform. republicans were saying they needed to start all over again. that's what we heard inside that summit. republicans saying that the only way to move forward is to start over. there should be incremental steps, not a complete overall. the president saying that baby steps won't get you anywhere.
to washington. i'm bret baier. we're monitoring the healthcare summit from blair house at the white house all day long. more than seven hours it's going on. glenn beck will be here in a moment but we want to bring you the end of the healthcare summit as president obama is wrapping up the day. take a listen. >> with we agree we need insurance market reforms. we don't agree on all of them but we agree on some of them. if you look at the reference that the american people want, the ones that are not included the republican plans right now be are included the democratic plans are very popular. there is a discussion whether the government should intrude in the insurance market but it turns out on things like capping out of pocket expenses, make sure people can purchase insurance even with preexisting condition, overwhelmingly people say the insurance market should be regulated. one thing i ask from my republican friends is look at the list of insurance reforms. make sure those you have not included your plans are ones, in fact, that you don't think the american people should get. because i strongl
for health care reform again. the official guest house of the president, blair house. a high-stakes summit on health care today. >> i look forward to a good exchange of ideas at blair house with legislative leaders. i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this challenge, not just to score political points. >> the president released his own proposal online, a $950 billion package that would offer coverage to 31 million uninsured. >> off the idea of throwing a proposal out two days before a big summit, a proposal that essentially mirrors the proposal the democrats passed in the senate, makes it hard for the republicans to actually come to this with an open spirit. >> republicans say that they are coming but bringing their own ideas and a message for the president, start over. >> this is complicated. this is the position of the american people, who are saying stop this, let's start over and see what we can agree to. >> democrats say they are open to republican ideas. the white house says it has already incorporated some of them into the president's plan. leaders on both sides say
house at the blair house about which the president said this today. >> tomorrow i look forward to a good exchange of ideas at the blair house, with the legislative leaders. and i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this challenge. not just score political points. >> reporter: some republicans fear that's exactly what democrats and the president want to do: shift some of the blame for the lack of progress from the disagreements among democrats themselves to the republic republicans. >> in fairness, it was not republicans that stopped the bill from being passed. it was the democratic senate that decided it doesn't want to support this in numbers necessary to pass the final bill. >> reporter: pointing an opinion poll after another, the republican leaders argue the public clearly rejected the democratic plans. >> if the white house wants real bipartisanship it needs to drop proposal that it proposed money which is no different than essentials from anything we've seen before and start all over. >> we have the facts on our side. we are going down there tomorrow speaking on behalf
's on the short track to history. he's just one medal shy of tying speed skater bonnie blair's winter olympics? >> i'm staying focused. >> and bode miller and marco sullivan hopes the weather clears enough for them to see their way to the first u.s. medals. >>> four american women skiers will take a chance to rise above the pack there. as the olympic flame and hopes now shine brightly in vancouver. >> again, the international luge federation has ruled that the crash was an accident. olympic officials are re-opening the luge track today. they have made some adjustments, alex. they're raising the wall in that area where kumaritashvili had that accident in that last turn. and they're also adjusting the ice profile, slowing down probably the speed of the ice in that turn. he was going about and estimated 90 miles an hour when that crash occurred. >> it's just -- we're looking at the video. it is horrific to look at. the whole thing, what a pall to cast over the stadiums. overall, was there a sense of a job well done, did people get out of there, we're going to the olympics, it's over, under way, t
? >> he made history. put it in the record books. he tied bonnie blair for the most medals ever for an olympian and he did it in spectacular style because it looked like the south koreans were going to sweep. but this is the most unpredictable of sports, short track speed skating. and wait until you see the finish of this race. take a look. >> korea may sweep there. and it is going to be -- no! korea wipes out! unbelievable! apolo won silver and j.r. celski won bronze! welcome back. >> in case you've missed this sportd t sport the last four years, america, welcome back. >> silver and bronze but apolo ohno still has more skating to do so he could surpass bonnie blair as the most decorated winter olympian. he is just so much fun to watch. this sport is so much fun to watch. they call this sport nascar on ice. you never know what's going to happen. that certainly was the case yesterday. >> for this skiing fan here, what's the latest on the weather for the alpine skiing events? >> the weather, as you know, has not been good. in fact, it's been downright miserable. just so much rain.
and analysis. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern. "hardball" is next. good night. >>> blair house or blair witch project? let's play midnight "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, the summit of all fears. can you imagine in a few hours of television really seeing the difference between this countries's two main political parties to see who's for what and who's again and who's playing it straight and who isn't? then watch tomorrow's health care summit at blair house. will it be, as president obama says, the kind of government get-together we need in this country, or will it be, as gop congressman mike penn says, a setup? both sides are plotting for what could become a make or break moment for president obama. the democrats really want this health bill. the republicans really don't. i think that's a fair assessment. so the question is who's going to win this televised tug of war? tonight that's our top story. plus, is the gop becoming the party of south carolina's jim demint and like-minded right wingers where any compromise is considered an act of treachery?
into history tying bonnie blair as the most decorated winter o olympian taking a medal in the short track 1500 meter final. in a moment we're going to show you video of the dramatic final lap when ohno's competition took a surprise spill. >>> the u.s. wins it first gold of the games with hannah keerneny taking the top spot with the mogul competition. lugers back on track saturday but with key changes to that track. officials still blame driver error for the accident that killed a 21-year-old georgian racer. >>> so let's get all the details now from nbc's chris jansing live for us in vancouver this morning. chris, another good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. have you ever seen a race quite like that? >> no. this one was an incredible performance so get us the details. >> yeah. fantastic stuff with apolo ohno. we've come to expect it in this short track speedskating. it's a wild and crazy sport, but boy was this a wild and crazy race. it looked like the south koreans could sweep the podium and then, this happens a lot in this sport, a very dramatic collision and apolo anton ohno was able
how much hot air will be spended at tomorrow's health care reform summit at blair house in washington. if only the politicians could do something useful with it, like give it to those struggling to breathe. in our hospitals at this hour, they can't. but they can give relief to those struggling to pay in our hospitals at this hour. special comment, next. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary. we make them better... to make your life better. and we've never made one... quite like this. the 100% electric nissan leaf. ♪ >>> finally, tonight, a special comment about health care reform and tomorrow's summit at blair house. if i prove to have trouble getting through this, i apologize in advance. last friday night, my father asked
how much hot air will be expended at tomorrow's health summit at blair house in washington. if only the politicians could do something useful with it, like give it to those struggling to breathe. in our hospitals at this hour, they can't. but they can give relief to those struggling to pay in our hospitals at this hour. special comment, next. here, kitty! here, kitty! oh, just come snuggle with momma! missing something? now at sears optical, get 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99. with bifocals just $25 more per pair. sears optical. don't miss a thing. with bifocals just $25 more per pair. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ] no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! [ female announcer ] the new classroom. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. well, i'm k
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